• Why I can’t see your face?

Unfortunately not. My privacy is very important form e for very specific rasons, and my face will remain a mistery until we meet.


  • How should I contact you ?

Messages, WhatsApp are my primary means of communication, phone calls are not discrete practices, so please keep this in mind.


  • I dont want to have any surprise, it is really you in photos and videos and there are recent ?

Yes, all the photos and videos on this website show me. The are 100% real and recent and are updated frequently.


  • Do you have any rules?

Good manners cost nothing. Be Discrete. Be polite.


  • I’d like to see you again, can I ?

Lovely, happy to see you again. Contact me to arrange our next RDV. I already look forward to it!


  • I’ve seen someone else using your photos/ videos or text.

I’m passionate about how myself across on my website. My images & writing are produc of my own

work. Please drop me a line if you think you’ve seen someone using my identity.


  • I have never met an escort before, will this be a problem ?

No not ar all, I’ honoured that you chose mea s your first.


  • Can I cancel our meering, I ‚m not sure to come

If you have to cancel appointment, do as far in advance as possible. Please respect my time always and don’t make me to wait if you have no intensions to come. Please note that last minute cancellations and no show up will make you blacklisted and I never give you a second chance, sorry ...

  • What do you offer on a date?

That simple, yet elusive thing: authenticity… with an emphasis on affectionate and meaningful connections without the frustration of a traditional relationship. While I am a consummate professional, I am also intensely passionate about being the woman of your dreams, the perfect “Girlfriend Experience.” I will never make things between us feel like a business transaction or mechanically awkward, as it is important to me that you are as comfortable as possible. I want to be the one who comforts you during struggles and the first to celebrate your victories. Sharing lovely company is a true gift! My goal is to provide a uniquely satisfying and truly breathless experience of a life-time.